Thursday, May 18, 2017

Smokey Jack Tavern Burger and Spicy Sriracha Shrimp at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers at the mall at Salem NH

I had lunch at a Red Robin Gourmet Burgers at the Rockingham Mall in Salem NH. It is a nice place. There is lots of room to eat. It is divided into different sections. The staff is friendly. The prices are reasonable. They have a nice variety on their menu.

I was shopping at the mall and came across this restaurant. I had gone to one in New Jersey when I lived there but did not know there were here in Massachusetts. I will be looking for more in the area.
I had two diet Cokes. I was very thirsty. They were in good size cups. It was really warm that day but nice inside the mall. They both had ice which made the diet Coke extra refreshing. 

This was the smokey Jack Tavern double burger. It was really good. The burger was just the right size for lunch. The bun was not too big. It was the right size for the burger. 

The fries was big and delicious. I ate the fries with mayonnaise then with ketchup and a mixture of the two. The fries was not greasy. They were cooked just right. 

The sriracha shrimp was delicious. It had just the right amount of bite. It had just the right amount of breading. It wasn't greasy which other fried foods seem to have. It was a nice number of shrimp. It seems too often the appetizer is too big and makes one too full to eat the entree. 

It also came with chips. The chips were warm and good. The chips was not too salty. I dipped the shrimp and the chips in the tartar sauce. The chips were below the shrimp. It was a nice addition to the shrimp. 

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Lunch Buffet at Mr India in Newburyport MA

I had the lunch buffet at Mr India in Newburyport MA. There isn't much parking. There are two slots in the area behind the restaurant. There are nearby on street parking.  The building is red. It is easy to see it from the road. There is plenty of seating. The decor is very nice. It has an Indian flare to it, which sense since it is an Indian restaurant. The people there are friendly.
Mr India Restaurant.
Here is the eating area. Just beyond the buffet and down some steps is another eating area.

Here is some fresh bread we got. It was warm and delicious.  I believe it is called naan bread

We received this as a bonus. It was really good. I wish I remembered what it was.

Here is part of the buffet. It was on the left side.

Here is another part of the buffet. It was on the right side.

Here is the main part of the buffet. I have seen places with bigger buffet but not as flavorful.

The food was delicious. They had a nice variety. It was filling. It had something that every one could enjoy. No one would have to worry about spicy heat since it was spicy flavorful (spices that flavored it without it biting back). 

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French Dip and Corn Chowder at Port City Sandwich in Newburyport MA

I was walking around Newburyport MA and decided to have lunch at Port City Sandwich. I enjoy their sandwiches and soups. They also have good muffins. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch. It is a small place. It is really nice atmosphere. The people there are really friendly and the service is good. The prices are very affordable. The food is really good.
I had the corn chowder first. It was really good. It was creamy but not too thick. It was delicious. I had a cup of it. One can get it in bigger sizes. It was the special. 

I had the french dip sandwich. It was the special. The sandwich was just the right size. The dip was thick and creamy. One can either dip the sandwich into it or use the spoon to pour it on the sandwich. The sandwich was delicious when dipped (or poured on if one desires). 
I also got a bag of chips. It was sweet Maui onion. It was really nice. 
It is not far from the boardwalk in Newburyport MA. One could eat in or take it with you on the boardwalk or the lawn behind the 'fire house' (now a restaurant, theater and art gallery. The restaurant is on the right. 

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Pulled Pork Benedict at Hebert's in Portsmouth NH

I had a breakfast / early lunch with friends at Hebert's in Portsmouth NH. . Hebert's is an excellent place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is a comfortable place. It seems to have three different eating areas. There is one area in back that is reminiscent of a diner. There is an eating area around a bar. There is a one in front. They are all nice. The staff is friendly. The prices is very affordable.

We usually meet there on the first Saturday of the month but earlier in the day. Since we wanted more to come, we decided to have it later in the day. I am glad we meet there.

I like to try something different instead of getting the same thing all the time. Hebert's seems to like a variety of eggs Benedict. I have tried some of them and had enjoyed them. This visit was no different. They had pulled pork eggs Benedict. I ordered it and do not regret it. It was delicious. The price was very reasonable. One can see the knife that comes with it to cut it.
As one can see, the presentation was good too. It came with hash browns. I think the idea of having it with pulled pork was a delicious one. The English muffin that is on was soft. The eggs were cooked just right. The pulled pork was flavored just right. The combination worked quite well. I would recommend it the next time they have this special.

Ribs at American Barbecue.

My brother had a late lunch at the American Barbecue. My brother had won a gift card at the Fur Ball Gala and Auction by the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society. We not only used up the amount of the card plus some. It was well worth it.

The eating area is very relaxed and comfortable. There is popcorn that patrons can get. At the end of the table, there is a bracket that holds a roll of paper towels. The table top is decorated with photos both old and new.
Here is the desert menu that is on the table. I wish I had room to try one of their deserts. 

Here is a menu that shows they do catering. After trying the food there, you would want them to cater your event. 

Here is part of the eating area. One can see the table top decorations and the paper towel at the end of one of the tables. It is a place one can relax and enjoy yourself while eating their good food. 
My brother ordered the two meat plate; brisket and ribs. His sides were baked beans and macaroni and cheese. It also came with a big piece of cornbread. He really enjoyed it.

I got a half rack of ribs. My sides were macaroni and cheese, and loaded mashed potatoes. I got the gravy for it too. The meat easily came off the ribs. The macaroni and cheese was good. The mashed potatoes was good. I used the gravy not only on the mashed potatoes but also with the cornbread. 

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First Friday Fellowship at Custom House Maritime Museum; Madagascar.

I helped with the preparation of the food for the First Friday Fellowship at the Custom House Maritime Museum in Newburyport MA. It is a benefit of membership. They have a lecture and food on the first Friday of the month.

May's food theme was Madagascar. It is one of the 'ports of call' for the area. It is what the food them is based on. Each month, the theme is different. There was a variety of foods prepared by member and personal cook Sheila Mullins. Her cooking is part of the reason the First Friday Fellowship is so popular. Normally I would get to try what is leftover but there was nothing left over. There were those who went back for seconds. There were those who came just as the lecture was about to begin but was not able to try the food since it was gone. There were rave reviews by those who tried the food.
This is Madagascar chicken. It was served over rice. 

This is duck and ginger stew. It was served over rice. 

This feather coconut cake. I did get to try this. It was good.

This is salady voankazo. 

This is acheds de legumes. It was a vegetable mixture with a sauce.

This is tomato ragaille with pumpernickel. One put the tomato mix on the a slice of bread.

Please note I might have misspelled the names. I went by what was on the labels and my ability (or inability) to remember them. 

There was a lecture on a schooner that was restored. I did not get to see all of it but what I did see was really fascinating. I had to stand since all the seats were taken. 

There was also an open bar at the event. They served a variety of soda's and alcohol beverages. There was something for everyone. Donations was welcomed. 

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Half Special / Half Special Pizza at Flatbread Pizza in Hampton NH

I had a pizza at the Flatbread Pizza in Hampton NH. It is a nice place. Everything is on one floor. It has a warm atmosphere. The people who work there are friendly. The prices are pretty good. It was not crowded. It is not far from Hampton Beach NH which is a popular tourist site. I think that if they realized that it was there it would be very busy.
Here are the two specials that Flatbread Pizza of Hampton NH had for that night. Instead of choosing either, I chose both on one pizza. They allowed me to do that before. They both looked good. 

I had a large pizza with the carne special on one side and the veggie special on the other side. The carne was really good. The veggie part was also really good but also had some bite to it. I had ordered the large but realized it was too big for one person. I took about half home and had it later. 

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