Thursday, October 12, 2017

I saw this in the grocery store and wanted to try it. I like spicy hot food; aka, food that bites back. It is the Margaritaville volcano shrimp. I have visited their web site and they seem to have a nice variety of items. I will look for them in the stores that sell groceries. 

I like to shop. I like to shop at grocery stores. It is unusual since I am a guy and people don't normally associate shopping with guys. I have known some girls who don't care for shopping. I guess there are exceptions for both. I am not one for stereotypes. 
 It is in a bag inside the box. One just opens the box then the bag. It is all one has to do. It is already prepared for you. 

Here it is arranged in the pan as per the instructions on the box. It was easy to bake (which - per some - healthier than frying). One preheats the oven and place the pan in the then bake it for a certain amount of time (one can tell by my description that I am a single guy who doesn't normally do baking / cooking but I am expanding my abilities (and unfortunately my 'horizons'). 

The shrimp was coated nicely. They had a nice crunch to them. It has a nice bite to them but not excessive (while I don't mind 'excessive', some would which is why I mentioned it). I think this would make for a nice appetizer for one or two people. 

I like the coat the pan with a cooking spray. It makes it easier to remove the cooked item from the pan and makes it easier to clean. I used a non-stick surface pan. That helped too. 

After it was finished baking and cooling (didn't want to burn myself by eating it when it was too hot). It was really good. It had some nice bite to it. 

One can see the Minion table mat. It is below the bowl. It was produced by my sister. There is also a colorful table mat that one can see above the bowl. She made that too. She is into quilting (something I want to do too - eventually). 

It might be a New England thing but it is not easy to find food in the northeast that has any real bite to it. It would indicate it is spicy hot on the menu but not really spicy hot but just spicy flavorable. Although good tasting is great but not when one is expecting some bite to it. 

My sister in law and now me think that food can be spicy but not in the heat area. There are lots of spices that one can use / bake with / cook with that does not have any bite to it all yet people equate spicy with the heat. Food can be spicy flavorable but not spicy hot (not talking about the heat when something is just out of the oven or off the grill but the bite of some ingredients). It is a pet peeve of my sister and I think it is becoming mine too. 

Cookie Dough Ice Cream at Harbor Creamer in Newburyport MA

There is a small ice cream place in Newburyport MA called Harbor Creamery. There is some seating in the inside and some on the outside. It is a nice cozy place with a variety of flavors to chose from and some nice topping choices. The staff are friendly. The prices are competitive. I was told that they make their ice cream on the premises and in small batches. One can taste the quality. 

I ordered the single scoop with the whipped topping. The whipped topping was only 50 cents more. 

I ate some of the whipped topping to reveal the cookie dough ice cream underneath it. I found it to be quite tasty. 

I am trying different flavors that they have. They have a nice range of flavors. I have tried a handful so far. Each one has been good and tasty. They also have different size cups and cones. If one just wanted to taste it to see if one likes it, they will give a small spoon of it to you to try without costing you anything. I think this is good since one won't have to buy an ice cream flavor only to find you don't like it. 

As a diabetic, I 'earn' (by doing a lot of walking - usually to and from the stores) my one scoop of ice cream. It is my motivation to get out and walk. I learned this in my diabetic education class (anyone who is a diabetic should take a diabetic education course - it is really helpful).

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I found this at the grocer store. It is broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breasts by Barber Foods. It was in a freezer section of the grocery store. Unlike - it seems - most guys, I don't mind shopping. I am amazed what one can find if one just looks around. 

Here is the box with the broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breasts. The box wasn't too big for what was inside. The items fit snugly within the box. It was easy to open the box and remove the frozen items from the bags. 

One has to be careful opening boxes like above. Once I cut my finger trying to get the box open. It was a minor cut but I learned a major lesson. One needs to be careful when opening these types of boxes. 

Here they are about to be placed in the oven. As per the instructions, they are not only out of the box but also out of the bags they came in. It is hard to tell the size of each one but they are not really big. Perhaps each one is a portion size.

I like to spray the pan with a cooking spray. I like using Pam but also like using the store brand. It seems both work quite well and are easy to use. 

Here it is sliced open after they were take out of the oven (after resting for a minute or two). One can see the broccoli and cheese. It was stuffed with a good amount. It was easy to cut open. It was tender. It was not dry but it wasn't too moist either. It was in between. It was delicious. The broccoli was cooked just right; not too long or too little. The cheese was not overwhelming the chicken or the broccoli. 

The portion size was good. For me, both breasts would be one portion. For other people, a single stuffed breast would be one portion; they might have eaten other things with it. 

Since I have learned how to use the oven, I am into baking more. I was using the range for making things and not it has expanded into using the oven. It was easier than I thought it would be. It is electric so I don't have to worry about fumes (something I worried about in the place I had / lived in before; it had a gas stove but no vents for the exhaust. 

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Barber Foods Scallop and Lobster Stuffed Chicken Brreasts

I was at the grocery store and discovered this. It is by Barber Foods. Not all their products were at the grocery store. This is the first time I came across this version. It is scallop and lobster stuffed chicken breasts. Their web site has a bigger selection than I have found at any one grocery store. To try them all, one would either have the grocery store order for you or order it directly from their site. 

The grocery store is one I go to on a regular basis. It usually has lower prices than other grocery stores or stores that sell food. Each area has some low cost food stores. In my area, it is Market Basket. Other areas might not have heard of Market Basket and I might not have heard of other area's low cost grocery store. Fortunately most similar items.  

Here is the box that it came in. It has the simple instructions on the back (or is it the side?). One just takes it out of the box and out of the bags. One preheats the oven to a certain temperature. One sets the timer for a certain time. One lets it sit for a couple of minutes and it is done.

Here it is just out of the oven. One places the stuffed chicken about 2 inches apart. I like to spray the pan with a cooking spray to make it easier to remove from the pan. It was really easy to lift it out and put on a plate. Each chicken does not seem very big. Perhaps it is assumed that each one is a portion size? With me (not exactly a little guy), two would be a portion size. 

Here they are on a plate. They are sliced open. One can see how they are stuffed with scallops and lobster. It was really good. One could taste the scallops and lobster. I think it went well with the chicken breasts. 

I guess they would be a single portion - a single stuffed chicken portion - if one had other things with them; like a salad and/or vegetables; making a 'square meal'. Since I only had them, two was a single portion for me. If one at only one plus small portions of other food (appetizers, salads and/or deserts), it could be a single portion part of a balanced meal. 

Knowing how to use the oven has been a boon for me and expanded what I could prepare, cook and eat. It has expanded my horizons and - unfortunately - my waist line (but I am working on the waistline). One must balance out the food with the exercise (walking, bike riding, etc).  

I will be searching for the other varieties that they have online at an off line store. There are different ones in my area so I will be checking with each one to see what variety they carry. Once found, I will prepare, cook and dine on them with the intent on blogging about them; both here and on Facebook. 

Big Guy Eating is both eating out and eating in. Since I like to eat and I like to blog, why not a blog on eating. Perhaps one day I can figure out how to make money with it so I can just do what I like; eating and blogging. 

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I found some chicken cordon bleu in the freezer section of the grocery store. It is by Milford Valley company. They have a product similar to one I had by Barber Foods. I went to their web site and found they have other products. It seems not all those products are at the store. 

Here is the box of the Milford Valley. It shows that what is inside is chicken cordon bleu. It was in the frozen section of the grocery store. The price seemed reasonable. I have no doubt the price varies from grocery to grocery store.

Here it is after I took it out of the oven. It was easy to do. I sprayed the pan with a cooking spray. I placed them on the pan the suggested two inches apart. One just preheat the oven and cook it for a certain amount of time. I let it sit for a couple minutes. It came out with a nice golden color.

I cut it open. It was tender and delicious. It was easy to cut open. The contents was warm and delicious. It was a good combination. Each one was - or seemed to be - on the small size. I had one and I shared one. It was small enough one could pick up and eat. The person I shared it enjoyed it too. It was not over cooked and it was not under cooked. 

Now that I can operate the oven and in a way that does not burn food, I am trying different foods that need to be baked and not microwaved. Some foods are raw and cannot be microwaved or need baking in an thermal oven because of the nature of the food (like cakes, etc). 

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Port City Cowboy Up and Southwest Chicken Soup

One of the places I like to eat is the Port City Sandwich in Newburyport MA. It is a small cozy place near the Merrimack River. One can eat in or one can eat on or near the boardwalk. One can view the boats coming and going. It is opened all year long, unlike some places that are open only during the summer (like many places in Hampton Beach NH). 

They have specials in addition to what they have on their menu board. They have a really big menu board with a big variety of sandwiches. 

This is the cowboy up sandwich. It is a nice size sandwich. The big size made it difficult to eat but it was really worth the effort to do so. It is really filled with deliciousness. This was a special when I went to the restaurant. 

This is the southwest chicken soup. It was really good. I got the the cup size but one can get the bowl size. I got the smaller size so I would not be filled up with the soup and I could have a sandwich too. If I wasn't going to eat a sandwich, I would get the bigger size of soup. 

They also have a nice variety of flavors of chips and a nice variety of beverages that are kept cold. It is a nice place to eat. It is a very popular place since many know how good the food is. 

Port City Sandwich is also opened for breakfast. One of these days I will get up early and one of them. Once I do, I will blog about it. 

The photos might not be perfect but they were taken using my Samsung Note 4. Since that is toast since I fell in the water, I am now using a Samsung Galaxy S 8 Active with a better camera. Even with a better camera, having a good camera app helps a lot. The one that comes with it is okay but there are better ones that take better pictures at the app store. 

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Authentic Asia Shrimp Wonton Soup

I found the Authentic Asia Shrimp Wonton Soup at the grocery store. It looks really good. The instruction seems easy to use. Since it is cooked in the microwave, it seems like it would be not only good at home but also when traveling (many hotels have microwaves in the rooms).

The box has the web site for C.P. Brands. It seems to be an international brand since there are links for different countries. Here is the one for USA. One can go to the site and click on the icon's for other countries.

Here is the shrimp wonton. It was delicious. It was easy to make. This is a stock photo but what I had did not look that much different than this photo. I did not eat it with a spoon. 

Here is the box it came it. It came in a black plastic bowl with lid. I kept the bowl with lid since it looked like it was made from durable (at least to me) plastic.

It was easy to make. One took the bowl and lid out of the box and took off the plastic wrap. One added water to the fill line, a line inside the bowl. One covers the bowl but in a way that allows steam to escape. I used the lid but not covering the whole bow so steam could get out. One heated it for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes in the microwave.  I took it out of the microwave and ate the wantons with chopsticks (I usually have some wooden and fancy ones on hand) and drank the soup. It was really good. It is ideal for a appetizer or snack.  

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