Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Margaritas of Methuen MA

My brother and I planned going to see a movie but wanted to eat before going to it. Since the two nearby restaurants were very busy with long waiting times, we decided on Margaritas. It had no waiting time plus one could get movie tickets at a reduced price.

Here is the menu Margaritas. There were a lot to chose from. The menu was glossy and clean. The kept the tables and chairs clean. It was a nice place to eat. We determined to eat there the next time we were going to a movie there. 

When we arrived, he asked if we wanted chips and dip. We did. It was really good. The salsa / dip had a nice bite to it. The chips were crunchy. They were not stale. It went well with the dip / salsa. We had at least a couple of servings of it. 
I had the chicken chimchanga. It was really good. It came with beans and rice. It was really good. It was quite filling. I took some of it home and enjoyed the rest of it the next day. It reheated quite nicely.

My brother got the Mexican Flag dish. It was three different burritos. He really enjoyed it. I had a photo of it but I can not find it. There was nothing left of it. 

The atmosphere was really nice. One can see my brother in this photo. One can not really see the decor. One does not see the chairs. They look carved and feel really nice. 

Its Greek To Me Soup? Greek Style Egg Lemon Soup

I was at the local grocery store and came across this soup. I think it has a funny name; The Original Its Greek To Me. The soup flavor was interesting; Greek Style Egg Lemon Soup. 

The local grocery store was Market Basket. It seems each area has different local grocery stores and some that are more common. 

I found their web site but it comes up with a pharmacy site. Since the page shows one thing in a search but another when you click on it, I won't show the link.

There is a Facebook page for It's Greek To Me Foods.

I opened it up and poured it in a microwave safe container. I heated it in the microwave - per the instructions. 

Once I took it out of the microwave, I waited a little bit then consumed it. It was easy to heat up. I did not try the other methods of cooking it. It is just easier to put it in the microwave. 

I had it with some crackers. I tried it before adding crackers and after. It tasted pretty good. 

There was another flavor and I will be trying that out in the future. I like trying different things.

Me at home.

Banyan of Boston MA

While my brother and my friend went to a wine and food festival (I tried to buy tickets but was too late), I went to a nearby restaurant. I found Banyan. It was really busy but I was able to get a seat near the kitchen, which was quite visible from the eating area. It was neat since I could watch them prepare and cook the food. The restaurant and the festival was in Boston MA

The wine and food festival was on 03/03/2018. I will try to get tickets for next years one before they are sold out. It sold out really quickly.

I like the name since it is simple and easy to remember. 

I ordered the Chinese creamed spinach. It was warm and delicious. I really enjoyed it. It was really good on the bread. It reminded me of nand bread from an Indian restaurant. It was not too big.

Some places are way too big. One would eat it but not have room for the entree. I think it should be small in that it 'whets' the appetite. Some places just makes it too big. It is one of my pet peeves.
I ordered the Kung Pao Shrimp. It was delicious. I liked it It was so big that it made me feel stuffed. It had just the right amount of rice. I liked how it had some vegetables with it.
This is the green tea cheesecake. It was just the right size for desert. It was really good. I really enjoyed it. 

This is the view I had of the cooking area. It can be seen from the eating area. It does not show anyone in it but there was at least a couple of people there preparing and cooking food. I was also near where the waiters got the food and took it to the customers / patrons. 
This is me at the restaurant. I am glad I went there. I can understand why it is so busy. It is very popular with people. It wasn't a huge place but there was a lot of seating. I used the restroom before eating and it was nice and clean. 
I had a diet Coke. I don't drink alcohol. It would be nice if restaurants had other diet soda choices than just cola (being a diabetic, I try to limit my sugar intake and most regular soda has a lot of sugar in it). 

Here is the outside of the restaurant. I was looking around for a place to eat while waiting for my brother and our friend. I did not see much in the area but I did notice the above. It looked interesting. I read the menu on the outside. The food choices looks interesting. 

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As one can see, I am not a young fellow. I am a big guy which is why this blog is called Big Guy Eating. I am not a skinny guy either. 

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I plan on creating more art to put on items for sale.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Saint Patty Bomb at Port City Sandwich in Newburyport MA

The Port City Sandwich had a special sandwich for Saint Patrick's Day. It was the St Patty Bomb (not the explosive type but a sandwich). I hope this sandwich becomes a tradition for them to have it every St Patrick's Day. 

Port City Sandwich is a nice little cafe. It is open for breakfast and lunch. Depending on the season, it closes at either 3 pm or 4 pm. It is small yet cozy. It is not far from the river. There is seating inside. One can take it to go so one can eat at home, at work or on the boardwalk when it is nice out. There is parking available nearby but there is a small fee to park. 

It is a really close to the Merrimack River. One can watch the boats go up and down the river during the summer. There are different events that happen at the boardwalk during the summer.

Here is the special board for the St Patty Bomb sandwich. One got a lot for not a lot of money. It shows the ingredients for the sandwich. 

This is one view of the sandwich. One needed the fork since there was a lot in it and some fell out onto the plate. The fork was for the stuff that fell onto the plate. 

Here is the other side of the sandwich. One can see it has a lot inside it. I found it to be very filling. I usually get some soup with it (they have really good soup) . I am glad I didn't since the sandwich was very filling. 

I read about this sandwich on the Port City Sandwich page on Facebook. 
I get my updates from them there and find out about their sandwiches. 

They also sell muffins. I have tried them in the past and they are very good. They are not the tiny muffins that one finds at other places but nice size ones that one can eat one for breakfast and be filled. 

One can see the reason why this blog is called 'big guy eating'.

I am big, I like Goofy (by Disney) and I am a guy. 
This site is about me. 

March First Friday Fellowship at Custom House Maritime Museum in Newburyport MA

This is what was served for the First Friday Fellowship at the Custom House Maritime Museum located in Newburyport MA. It is an event that occurs on the first Friday of the month; 12 months of the year. The food is based on the port of call of ships that arrive in this historic town. There is also a lecture or event that happens after people have gotten a chance to try the food. The food is prepared by Sheila Kataria Mullins; a member of the museum and a personal cook. 

It was one of the few events that did not have a lot of people show up; therefore, I got a chance to eat some of the left overs. I usually have to take other peoples word on how good it was. I have not heard anyone (yet?) say anything bad about it. 

Cajun Artichoke Balls.
This was very good.

Cajun Corn Sausage (IIRC)
This was a good mixture. Despite the name, it wasn't spicy hot but spicy flavorful. 

Cajun Deviled Eggs
This was a tasty variation of deviled eggs. It was not hot but flavorful. 

Chocolate Bourbon Pie
This was sweet and very tasty. It was not easy to eat only a few. There were many coming back for thirds and fourths. 

Marinated Shrimp
This was really good. I was surprised there was some leftover and also grateful that there was some leftover. I got to enjoy it. 

After the food was served and enjoyed, there was a performance. Two ladies dressed in historic garb read from a diary of that time period. It was a job well done. 
These are the ladies who did the performance. I think their outfits are really well done. 
 I think they did an excellent job in portraying those in the diary that they read. 
Here they are performing on the stage in the main room in upper floor of the museum. There were many in attendance; some were standing just outside the room.

Monday, March 5, 2018

All American Tavern in Salisbury MA

I was going to go to The Deck but it won't be opened till May 16th and The Vasa wasn't open till supper and did not have a lunch time till Friday and the weekends. I chose All American Tavern since I have passed it but never stopped there even though I wanted to try it. 

The outside doesn't seem like much but it is nicer on the inside. The decor is simple and nice. It seems to attract a lot of people. It was warm and inviting. The service was friendly. The prices are reasonable. 

This is the American onion soup. It is the American version of the French onion soup. Onion soup baked in the oven with toasted rye bread and melted American and provolone cheese (copied from their online menu). It was really good. I glad I tried it.

It is a generous portion of fries with bacon, cheddar and Parmesan cheeses served with ranch dressing (copied from the online menu). It was a lot more than expected. It was really good. I could only eat about half of it. If I had finished it all, I would not have been able to eat the main entree. 

I think it was meant for at least two people. Both the person I was with and I was given a small plate to eat it with. Normally I prefer smaller sized appetizers. I think an appetizer should give a taste but not fill you up. 

I took the rest of it home and my brother consumed it without a problem. He said it was good after reheating it. 

This is the Herb burger. I thought it was neat since I named my car Herb (a shortened version of Herbie - the name of the Disney Love Bug [VW Beetle] - since they both have rear wheel drive rear engine cars [Herb is a Smart Fortwo]. I learned it was named after Herb who had started the restaurant and was still working there even though he was in his 80's. 

I chose the rice with spinach since I had the cheese fries. It was good. It wasn't dry like some rice. 

Herb is loaded with sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheddar cheese (copied from the online menu). It was really good. It is a big sandwich. It was filling. I like the tomato and lettuce on it too (makes me feel like I am eating something healthy). 

Sylvan Grill In Amesbury MA

Since my kitchen was cleaned in preparation for an event the next day and needed to be kept clean for the cook / chef to start using it early the next day, I chose to eat out (actually it was my excuse to not eat at home and to try someplace that I have not tried before). The place I chose to try is the Sylvan Street Grill in Amesbury / Salisbury (I think it is on or near the border of the two towns). 

This was a free option in case one wanted some food before one ate. It is bread with an olive oil mixture dip. It was really good. I was feeling peckish and appreciated it. I tore the bread apart. The bread was fresh and soft. It was good for dipping.

This is skins and rolls. It is stuffed potato skins and egg rolls. I chose the BBQ chicken stuffed egg rolls. It comes with sour cream and ketchup. I tried both with either and both. It was pretty good. It was a little more than expected but not too much. 

I could have gone for two stuffed potato skins and one roll cut in half. At least it did not fill me up too much. The bread plus this did fill me up a bit. 

This is the mixed seafood broil. It came with mixed vegetables and a side. I chose mashed potatoes. It was really good. It had a nice crust on the top of the broil. 

The mixed vegetables was really good. It was cooked just right. It might have need a little bit of salt but I ate it without it. 

The mashed potatoes was creamy. It had some lumps but that is good since it shows that it is made from baked potatoes and not dried potatoes. 

I ate the main part but took home the rest of it. I had it for another day. it was still good (I assumed it was since my brother ate it before I could get to it). 

This was over the bar. It looks like a bumper car. The photo is blurry since the lights were facing me and it wasn't bright inside. 

This is over the bar. It looks like it was part of an amusement park ride. It says Salisbury Beach on the side of it. I think it once had amusement park rides there. Most are gone now. There are still go-kart type vehicles there. I believe they also added a merry go round recently (at least it was for a short while).