Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Seafood Plate at No Name Restaurant in Boston MA

I went to a uniquely named restaurant. It is called No Name. It is among fishing companies on a pier. The view out the window is nice; unless a fishing boat blocks ones view. The interior is nice. It is unexpected for its location but appreciated since it makes you feel like you are not at a fish company; there are fish companies on the same pier and building it is on. The people there are friendly. They are very helpful.
It came with Cole slaw. It had a nice taste to it. I find that some places seem to add too much vinegar to theirs. 

I had the seafood plate. It had oysters, scallops, shrimp and scrod. It was really good. It came with an ample amount of tartar sauce. It was not greasy and breaded just right. 

Here is more tartar sauce. It was needed. There was a lot of seafood on the seafood plate.

Here is the seafood plate my brother had. He substituted clams instead of oysters. I had one of his clams. It was good. It was only slightly different from my oysters. 

Here is the inside of the restaurant. It looks warm and inviting. It has a different feel from what one thinks it would have when one approaches it.

Here is the outside of the restaurant. One would not expect it to be as fancy as it was on the inside. It is a pleasant surprise when one enters the place. 

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Lamb Burger at South Street Diner in Boston MA

I had a late supper at the South Street Diner in Boston MA. It is a unique place. It looks like a diner car from a train. It stands out among the tall buildings that surround it. It is not a big place. The booths were comfortable. The service was friendly. They had an electronic music box with a phone app. They had a phone booth that they were using as cashier post. There was an old pay phone with what looks.

Here is the lamb burger that I ordered. It cam with French fries and a pickle. The lamb burger was really good. I chose the option of having cheese on it. The French fries was cooked right. I put ketchip on them but I usually eat them with mayonnaise. The pickle was nice. The pickle wasn't cold. There ware times it is not easy eating the pickle since it is too cold. 

My brother had the crab meat sandwich. He really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I did not take a photo of it. 

I did not order this - my brother did - but I did get to try it. It was delicious. It was different from other apple pies that I have had in the past. It came in this unique container. It had ice cream on it. My brother really enjoyed it. I was lucky to get a few bites of it.

Here is the outside of South Street Diner. It seems like an oasis among the tall buildings. 
Here is the inside. One can see where the food is cooked. 

The history of the South Street Diner is on the lower part of the menu page. I find it interesting. 

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Yo Sushi of Boston is so Cool

I was in Boston for the Sail Boston event - they had many of sailing ships - and came across this unique restaurant. It is called Yo Sushi; Japanese street food and sushi. I have never been to one like it before and want to return there in the future.

Yo Sushi is unique; at least to me. They have a small conveyor belt that goes from the kitchen area - near the center - to where the customers are located. To chose what one wants to eat, one takes the bowl or plate off the conveyor belt. If one wants something special, one presses a button that turns the column in front of you a different color and the wait staff comes and takes order. The price of the item is determined by the color of the plate or bowl.

One can see the bowl on the conveyor belt. The left side is where the chefs place the food. On the right side of the divider is where the customer can chose the item they want to eat. 

Here is another view of the belts with many bowls and plates being transported to customers.

At the customers side is a small tray. It has a container of ginger, a jar of wasabi, a bottle of soy sauce and a box with chop sticks. 

Here is one of the chefs preparing the food either to be delivered to the customer or to the belt to be transported. 

Here one can see where the customers are and part of the cooking area.

Here one can see people outside walking by. They had big windows so those outside can see in and those inside can see out.

Here is one of the items I chose to consume. It was a cold ramen dish. It was good. 

Here is the top of the outside of the menu. The inside contained information on what was on the conveyor belt, what one could order and the color code cost for the bowls and plates. 

I had a total of six bowls and plates. It was a nice variety and it was good. I had a variety of sushi, desert, and pasta. It is similar to a buffet but it comes to you instead of you going to them.

This is the area in front of where I ate. One can see the color column. It changes color when one is trying to get the attention of the wait staff. They came pretty quickly. 

Another photo of bowls being on the cooking area side.

Here is the front door of the restaurant. One can see it says Yo Sushi.

Here are some of the items they serve.

Advertisement on the window.

another advertisement on the window.

advertisement on the window. It looks really good.

One can see the inside and the outside being reflected in the window.

Here is another window photo.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Shrimp and Scallops at Bob's Lobster in Newburyport MA

There is a seafood place in Newburyport MA called Bob's Lobster. It has a great view of the area around it. One can eat inside or outside; more seating outside than inside. The atmosphere is relaxed. One does not feel rushed. They have a variety of seafood options on their menu. One can also get it to go and one can just get the seafood so one can cook it at home. One can see the fresh seafood on their photo page. They even have ice cream.
Here is the outside of Bob's Lobster. It is easily seen either coming from or going to Plum Island.

Here is the outside eating area of Bob's Lobster. It has a nice view of the surrounding water ways. 

Here is the fried shrimp and scallops that I ordered. The batter isn't heavy. It wasn't greasy. It was really good. It comes with fries and Cole slaw. The fries were nice and crispy. The Cole slaw was good. The vinegar taste was not overpowering. It came with cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. There is ketchup at the table. 

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Wonton and Gen Tso Chicken at Szchuan Taste in Newburyport MA

There is a great Chinese / Thai restaurant in Newburyport MA. It is called Szchuan Taste Sushi Yen Thai Cafe. It has a comfortable atmosphere. It is great since it is good to get out of the sun - a little bit of dimmed lights - and heat of the summer day.  There is the area on the main floor and a sushi bar downstairs. They have a lot of seating; both main floor and downstairs. The staff are friendly. They are outgoing.
This is the egg drop soup that I ordered. It was creamy and delicious. 
This is the wonton with red pepper sauce. The sauce is incredible. It is not spicy hot. To get spicy hot, one add it from the small bowl of red pepper sauce. It was warm and delicious; both with and without the sauce. 
This is the sauces that came with the appetizer and the lunch item. The red one is the red pepper sauce. It was really good on the wonton. The other two are sauce one can add to the fried sauce. It was good on it.
Here is the Gen Tso chicken. It was not too spicy hot (I like it hotter but being in the New England area, they seem to tone it down). It was really good. The broccoli was good but had cold spots on them. The fried rice was delicious but a tiny bit dry. I put the sauce on it and it made the difference. The crab Rangoon was crunchy and warm and delicious. 
This is the outside of the restaurant. When I was there, it wasn't anyone else beside me and my brother. We had a late lunch. I am surprised more don't eat there (perhaps they are more crowded in the evening and on weekends?) since their food is really good, the prices are affordable and they have a big variety to choose from. 

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese at Mr Mac's in Portsmouth NH

I had supper at Mr Mac's. It is located n Route 1 in Portsmouth NH. It is a nice restaurant with lots of seating area and friendly staff. It is easy to see from the road when travelling on Route 1. They have a big variety of macaroni and cheese. One can eat in or take it home.

Here is the outside of Mr. Mac's. There was ample parking area. 
Here is the lobster macaroni and cheese. The lobster meat was big pieces and not shredded parts. The seasoning made it taste great. I went with the medium size. It was big. I should have gone with the small size since it is enough for one person. The medium was very filling. I almost could not eat all of it. The cheese was just the right amount. It was not drowning in cheese like some places. One can see two slices of lemon on top. It was a nice garnish. It is on a wooden plate since the metal pot is really hot. There is a rubber sleeve on the handle in case one need to move it. 

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni Cheese at the Carry Out Cafe in Newburyport MA

I had lunch at the Buffalo chicken macaroni cheese at the Carry Out Cafe in Newburyport MA. The carry out cafe is a nice little place. It is just off the route one circle in Newburyport MA. One can eat in - nice dining area - or take it to go. They have both hot food and cold food - in ice boxes. The people who work are nice and friendly.
It was warm and delicious. It was not too spicy hot. It had some good flavor. It had chicken strips. It was a good amount. This was good amount for a lunch. It was creamy and cheesy. It had a really good flavor. 

I had lunch there before. At that time, I had the meatloaf. It was really good. I went to help funds for a local cat rescue; M.R.F.R.S.

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