Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Macaroni and Cheese Plus? part one

I like macaroni and cheese. I like different kinds of macaroni and cheese. I like to add things to my macaroni and cheese. This blog is about things I add to my macaroni and cheese.

I like Kraft macaroni and cheese. I like to get the single serving. If I make a whole box of it, I am likely to eat it all and not save it some for later. I also like the Velveeta macaroni and cheese. Cheese in powder or soft cheese, I like both kinds.

I have tried adding a small can of peas and carrots to my macaroni and cheese. I drain the water from the can. I add it to the macaroni and cheese after I have cooked the macaroni and cheese. I reheat it after adding it to the macaroni and cheese. The peas and carrots add color and makes it a tasty way to eat ones vegetables.

There are times I add a little bit of ketchup to my macaroni and cheese. The brand - Heinz or other brands - add flavor. The flavor depends on the brand of ketchup. I like trying the different flavors of Heinz - sriracha, hot and spicy, jalapeno, etc - to macaroni and cheese.

I like mushrooms. I have added a small can of mushrooms to macaroni and cheese. I reheated it. It was good but did not really add much flavor to it but the cheese added flavor to the mushrooms.

I found a bottle of Kraft sweet and sauce. I have added it to other foods. I added it to my macaroni and cheese. It was pretty good. I added the sauce to mayonnaise then the macaroni and cheese. It was even better.

I like cocktail franks. They are good when mixed in with macaroni and cheese. Vienna sausage is good with it too. I like to heat up hot dogs - usually meat franks but also turkey or chicken hot dogs - before adding it to the macaroni and cheese. There are times I add ketchup to the macaroni and cheese after adding the heated hot dogs.

I like imitation crab meat. it is less expensive than real crab meat. There are times I add the real stuff but not very often. I also like the imitation lobster meat too. There are in the seafood section of grocery stores. I would add them to the cooked macaroni and cheese and heat them up again. It is very good.

There are times I would add duck sauce. It is good with the macaroni and cheese. I would add it after adding some of the above; peas and carats, imitation crab meat, or mushrooms.

I like Lawry's seasoned salt. It adds extra flavor to the macaroni and cheese. I have to be careful not to add too much; otherwise, it would overwhelm the macaroni and cheese flavor.

One time I added spaghetti sauce with my macaroni and cheese. It was pretty good. I tried different brands and flavors. There is so many varieties to chose from. I get the ones in jars since I can use a little and save the rest. With cans, one has to store it in another container.

I have even tried it with different soups. I like the tomato soup or other tomato varieties. Each adds its own special flavor to the macaroni and cheese. I like adding cream of mushroom soup. It has a special flavor to mac and cheese.

This is part one. I will be trying different things with my macaroni and cheese and will be blogging about it.

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Experimenting with Pancake Mixes; Part One

I like to use the Bisquick Complete to make pancakes. I also use - on occasion - other brand like Maple Grove Farms of Vermont complete. This is not about the pancake mixes themselves, there is another blog for that. This is blog about things I like to mix in with the pancake batter to see what they would taste like when cooked.

I was told to make my pancakes healthier, to add both flax seed meal and bran meal. I find it does not really affect the taste of the pancake, no matter what brand I use. I like pancakes and making them. Making it healthier gives me a reason to make them since I want to eat healthier (if only to please my doctor).

I like spinach. I like to buy the small cans of spinach. It is just enough for one person. I like to add it to the pancake mix. One would think it would taste weird but it doesn't. It was pretty good. It would be great for St Patrick day since it gives the pancakes a greenish tint to it.

There are times I use a bag of baby spinach. I crumble it up / tear it up in small pieces and mix it in the batter. The texture is a little different but still pretty good. The downside of using fresh baby spinach is that one has to use it right away otherwise it would go bad in a short time.

I also like getting small can of peas and carrots. They have cans of mixed vegetables but I don't care for green beans. I drain the can of peas and carrots before adding it to the pancake mix. It might be a little lumpy but still good. I like the texture it gives the pancakes.

I like mushrooms. I like all kinds of mushrooms. I prefer the ones that comes in cans. I like the small cans since I can use it up and have them dry out. It gives the pancakes a lumpy look to it but it is really good. At first I had poured the pancake mix and laid the mushrooms on top as it cooked. Now I just add it to the mix before making the pancakes. It is a little easier that way. I don't have to worry about the pancake cooking too soon before adding it to the batter.

I also like banana's. I also like peanut butter. I have (or had since I used them up) PBFit - chocolate and peanut butter, and peanut butter (both in powder form which made it easier to mix in with the pancake mix but I will try the low fat peanut butter or whipped peanut butter in the future). I have tried it with both the chocolate and peanut butter powder, and with peanut butter powder. I tried both powders with a banana mixed in. It wasn't difficult to mix in, especially when the banana is on the ripe side. It tastes great great of the four ways I tried it; banana with chocolate peanut butter powder, banana with peanut butter banana, just chocolate peanut butter powder, and just peanut butter powder.

I tried mixing in the PBFit peanut butter powder with the pancake mix. As above, it was tried before but this time I would make the pancake mix and cook it up but add marshmallow fluff instead of pancake syrup. It was a pancake version of the fluffer rnutter I tried when I was younger and still eat with peanut butter / marshmallow on bread but this was the breakfast version.

There is  blueberry bush along side my driveway. I would pick some and put them into the pancake mix. It gave the pancake blue dots. It tasted great. The blue berries were fresh since I just picked them. I also bought blue berry syrup to go with it. It was tasty and good for me. I was told that blue berries is considered a 'super food'.

This is part one. I will be trying different things / foods to mix in with my pancake mix. Since I am in a 'seafood area', I might try different sea foods next. I might add diced tomatoes. Any future mixtures will be in part 2 of pancake experiments.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Port City Cuban returns to Port City Sandwich in Newburyport MA

There was a return of the delicious Port City Cuban sandwich to the Port City Sandwich shop in Newburyport MA. I am glad. I am glad since it was good when they had it before.
This is the chicken and rice soup. It is better than anything one can get in a can. It tastes fresh and home made. It has nice carrots in it.

Here is the Port City Cuban sandwich. It is cut for you and comes with a delicious pickle.

One can see the layers in the sandwich. It is not huge but is the perfect size for lunch. It is filling but won't leave you feeling stuffed. It is really good. 
They have a variety of these chips. They are good. I have tried different ones and they are good.

They have a variety of beverages. Here are ones I chose. I like them. The Coca Cola cherry Zero was good and so was the diet Coke

Port City Sandwich is my favorite sandwich shop. It is not far from the boardwalk. One can get ones sandwich the way one wants. They also have great soups and muffins. They serve breakfast and lunch. When I am downtown, this is high on my list of lunch places (there are quite a few on my list to chose from). 

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Mini Scoops Ice Cream at Harbor Creamery in Newburyport MA.

There is a new ice cream store in Newburyport MA. It is called Harbor Creamery. It is not a big place but it is cozy and comfortable. There is seating on the inside and benches on the outside. They have a variety of flavors, toppings and sizes of cups and cones. The people there are friendly. It does not take long to get ones ice cream.

They have an incentive to return to their store; other than just having good ice cream. It is a card that one of the employees stamp. After so many purchases, one is rewarded with free ice cream (IIRC).

They had taken over a store that had gone out of business. While it is sad that one store has closed, I am glad there is another one that took its place. It is on Pleasant street. There is a parking area nearby and it is easy to get to in the downtown area. One could eat at a different location and have desert there.
This is the black raspberry ice cream. It was really good. It has a very nice texture. It was very creamy. One can taste the black raspberry but it isn't so strong that it is overwhelming. 

Here is the caramel crunch ice cream. It was really good. I like the small bits of caramel crunch. It really added to the flavor. They were not too hard yet crunchy. 

This is the chocolate milk ice cream with chocolate chips. It has whipped topping on it. It was very chocolaty and very good. 

Since I bought this during Yankee Homecoming Week, they had this. It is named Yankee Homecoming Fireworks; the sprinkles being the fireworks. I had them add the whipped topping. 

I chose the mini scoops since I am a diabetic. I rewarded myself with these since I walked to and from the store from my home. It is a great way to get exercise and an incentive to get there and back. The cost is $4.50 for the mini. For what one gets, it is quite affordable. 

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Four Appetizers At Sea Level Oyster in Newburyport MA

I was waiting for a device to charge at a bank and went for lunch. Since Sea Level Oyster was withing walking distance of the bank and I wanted to try it since it had opened recently. Sea Level Oyster is a nice restaurant that isn't far from the boardwalk. There is seating in back on their back porch. It has a view of the boardwalk and the Merrimack River. Since it was raining, I had lunch at the bar. One can see the televisions.

I had four appetizers. I ordered three but accidentally received a fourth one. One came before the other three - the one I did not order but got. The plates were not huge. They had a nice amount of food on them. Except for the fried clams - which seemed big for an appetizer, most was what I would consider reasonable in size. I am not one for appetizers that are as big as an entree.
This is baked clams. I got it by mistake but I am glad I did. It was really good.  I tried to pay for it but they insisted it was their mistake. I wanted to pay for it since I ate it even though I knew I had not ordered it. 

This is chowder fries. I have heard of poutine fries but not chowder fries. I think this is a delicious variation of it. It has clam chowder on it with clams in shells. I am glad they had this variation. 

This is the crab cake. It was big. It was delicious. The crab cake was on top of a sauce. It made it taste even better. The chips - left side of photo - taste like they made it themselves. It did not taste like anything one buys in bags. The green was pretty good. It had a light sauce on them. 

By the time I got to the fried clams, I had eaten the other three. I did give it a try. It was good. One can tell they used whole clams and not minced ones. Whole clams are better than minced ones but minced ones are good if one has false teeth and/or trouble eating the whole ones. 

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Elk Burger at Fudrucker's at Sunbrella IMAX and Jordan's Furniture.

There is a restaurant that is located in the same building of the Sunbrella IMAX theater and Jordan's Furniture. It is called Fudruckers.  It is not a huge restaurant and it is informal. It is near the jelly bean store and ice cream store.

I ordered the elk burger. I have had it before and it was good. It was good this time too. I got it with French fries and a big soda. I chose a diet cola since I am a diabetic. I had the elk burger cooked medium rare.

There is a station where one could add different items - tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and other items - on the sandwich. I added shredded lettuce and tomato on the sandwich.

I am odd I guess. I like mayonnaise on my French fries. I prefer it to ketchup. There are times I have mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard on my French fries.

Here is the elk burger I ordered and consumed and enjoyed. One can barely see the fries since I have mayonnaise on them; left side of photo. One can see the shredded lettuce and tomato and mayonnaise I put on my elk burger; on right side of photo.

Here is the inside of the Jordan's furniture. It is a really neat place to visit. 

Here is another view of the inside of Jordan's furniture. It is cool looking.  There were items made with 'jelly beans'. They sell Jelly Belly jelly beans; a brand that has really good flavors. 

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine and White Chocolate Twist at Amato's.

I had a lunch at Amato's. It is located in Seabrook NH. It is an Italian / pizza / sub sandwich restaurant. It has a casual setting but with formal type offerings. The seating is casual and one orders the food at the counter. One can eat there or take it to go. When one eats in, they bring it out to you. The food is served on nice plates and one eats with plastic utensils. The service is friendly. 
Here is the outside of the Amato's in Seabrook NH. It is clearly visible from the road. It is on a main road near a Home Depot and an Ocean State Job Lots stores. 

This is what Amato's looks like on the inside. One can see the casual setting.  Behind the view of the camera is the casual seating, similar to a cafeteria. 

This is the Alfredo fettuccine. I had it with chicken. It was delicious and filling. It had just the right amount of flavor. The chicken was grilled and flavored. The sauce did not overwhelm the pasta. The sauce was creamy. The pasta and sauce was cooked well. 

This is the open box of white chocolate twist cake. It tasted great. It did not taste too sweet. It was a good balance of sweet and tasty. It was just the right size. It was flavorful but not too sweet. 

One got the cake from an open ice box where it was on display. One could eat it there or take it home. Since the fettuccine was filling, I had took it home and ate it later. 

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