Monday, February 19, 2018

Kowloon Chinese Restaurant; Gen Tso Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken

My brother and I went to the Kowloon restaurant for supper. It was a places I always wanted to try. The outside is really fancy and inside is really nice. There is a lot of room but it was still crowded from a lot of people being there. Just after one enters, there is a fish pond under the stairs. There is a big television screen near where one eats.

Here is the fancy cover of the restaurant. 

I had an appetizer. It was really good. I did not take a photo of it. It was the crab Rangoon. It was delicious with the sauce it came with. It had a nice crunch to it.

This is the Kung Pao Chicken that I had. It was really good. It was more than what I could eat at the restaurant. I am glad they let me take the rest home. I had it for the next days lunch. It reheated quite well. It is listed as spicy hot but there was no heat. I did have a lot of flavor. 

This is the General Tso chicken. My brother had  it. He finished it all at the restaurant. I was able to try some. It was good. It was listed as spicy but it was New England spicy; which means little or no bite to it.

This is the pork friend rice that we had thee. It was shared between me and my brother. It was good and there was a lot of it. We took half it home. 

I would definitely recommend it to everyone. They have a great variety at their restaurant. I think they (almost) have something for everyone. It has a great atmosphere and friendly services with competitive prices. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ipswich Chowder Festival in Ipswich MA

I went to the Ipswich Chowder Festival in Ipswich MA. It is near the Ebsco building (which has some nice art on some of the walls of the building). 

It is in a nice little town of Ipswich MA. It is a quaint little town. It is a nice place to explore. 

Here is the photo of the main tent that had the different restaurants giving samples of their chowders. I tasted everyone of them. Most were good. There was a couple that I did not really consider to be chowders but they were also good. One chose which one that you liked best and voted for that one. 

I did not think I would be full when I tried the samples. There were many places giving samples. It is easy to fill up on them. 

I liked the variety of styles. There was a variety of flavors. It was fun trying them all. 

Below are photos of each of the 'stations' that gave out samples of their chowder. One can barely see the name of the company / restaurant that made the chowder. Perhaps one could enlarge each to read the name. 

There were other tents / parts of the festival. One crossed the bridge and there were crafts and such in a small park. There was a historic house that had an art gallery show. There were a couple of classic cars at a garage (seemed sad few saw the cars, probably more interested in the chowder than anything else). There was a martial arts demonstration too. There was food for those not really interested in chowders. 

Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Steak Tips and Sweet Potato Fries at Starboard Galley in Newburyport MA

I had supper at the Starboard Galley in Newburyport MA. It is a nice place that has a view of the Merrimack River. There is seating on the inside and the outside (weather permitting). There is parking in the back of the restaurant. There is a sign that directs you to the parking area. The parking area has a nice view of boats (when in summer), and of the Merrimack River.

Here is the plate of bacon wrapped scallops, steak tips, and sweet potato fries. It was really good. I think it was just the right portion without it giving a feeling of being stuffed.

The bacon was not overdone. There are some who like it crispy. At times so do I but this was cooked so it wasn't too crispy or work against the flavor of the scallops. It is a great combo.

The steak tips were cooked just right. One has a steak knife to cut it with but the tips weren't so big that one would have to use the knife to cut them with. I did anyway.

The sweet potato fries were very well done. Once one east sweet potato fries, one would be reluctant to go back to regular fries. In stead of ketchup or mayonnaise (I prefer mayonnaise instead of ketchup), they had honey mustard sauce to dip the fries into. I think it was better than ketchup or even mayonnaise.  

This is what one sees from the road. It does not look like it would have any parking but the parking is in back. It does not look like it would have a lot of space inside but it is very roomy. One passes through the bar to the dining area. 

Seafood Lasagna at Century House in Peabody MA

I went with a friend to the Century House in Peabody MA. It is a nice place. It felt warm and comfortable. The staff was friendly and courteous. 

It was crowded when I was there. There is a lot of parking but it was not easy to get a parking space since it was almost filled to capacity. I dropped the person off at the door and found a spot farther away from the entrance. 

I like decor of the restaurant. It was very nice. It was very comfortable. The decor was not in excess in any way (at least the part of it that I saw). Next time I go there, I hope I can see a different part of the restaurant. 

It did not take long to get seated or get our menu's. Even though there was a crowd, seating was still available (or at least our timing was good - there was two of us).

Here is the seafood lasagna that I had. For some reason it only covers half the plate. It does not seem like a lot of food but it was enough for lunch. 

It was really delicious. The seafood did not overwhelm the dish. The lasagna was cooked just right. There was a lot of sauce but it did not overwhelm it. It did not have any fishy taste to it all. I would definitely consider getting it again the next time I am there. 

I did not photograph it but I also had a salad. The lettuce was crisp. The salad dressing was good. It was something that one would enjoy before a meal but won't fill you up to the point where one could not eat the main entree. 

Wilbur's Down East French Toast and Orange Pineapple Muffin

I sometimes like to go to Wilbur's. It is near my doctors office. If I have to fast to get some blood work done, I go there to eat breakfast. I like the variety of specials that they have on their menu board. One could order from their menu. 
It is a small place. The entrance is just to the right of this photo.

Here is the down east French toast that I had. It had bacon on top of it. There was syrup to put on it but it tasted too good to put the syrup on it. It came with a small cup of butter. I used it on the toast. It was really delicious. It seems they used 'Texas toast' which is thick bread. It seemed to have a filling that I could not recognize but really enjoyed. 

Here is the orange pineapple muffin. It was toasted. I think it made it even better. It came with a small cup of butter. I put it on and it melted into the muffin. 

The dining area has a lot of tables to chose from. It is not a huge place but it does have that down home feel to it. It is not smug or arrogant. 

The staff are friendly. Every time I have been there, they have treated me well. 

Eggnog Ice Cream at Harbor Creamer in Newburyport MA

There is an ice cream store that has not been opened for very long. It is the Harbor Creamery. It is located on Pleasant Street in Newburyport MA. I read that they make the ice cream in small batches. The quality of the ice cream reflects this since - the ones that I have tried so far - are very good. 

They have a reward card that one gets stamped each time one makes a purchase there. After the card has its squares all stamped, one can get an ice cream for free. I completed my card and this purchase was free. 

They have seating inside and a couple of benches outside. It is not a huge place and they don't have a lot of seats but they are comfortable. 

The ice cream I bought was the eggnog flavored one. I tried it before buying it. They have small spoons that one can get a taste of the ice cream so one isn't wasting ones money buying ice cream one might not like. 

I think the price is very reasonable for ice cream of this quality.  

Here is the eggnog ice cream with whipped topping. It is the small cup but one still gets a lot of ice cream. One cannot really see the ice cream because of the whipped topping.

Here is the eggnog ice cream with part of it eaten away. It was delicious. One could taste the eggnog. One can see the ice cream.

Even though it is cold out, I still like to get ice cream. It is my reward for exercising. I think eating something cold triggers the body to produce more heat; which keeps me warmer during the cold. At least this is my reasoning for having some during the colder months. 

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Monday, October 23, 2017

My Egg Concoction of 10-19-2017

I like trying different combinations of things. I use different food items that I find in the kitchen or in the food larder. Sometimes it is good and other times it is interesting. This is one of those times it was good.

I started with two eggs. I put them in the bowl and whipped them up. I used a fork. I think it works better than a spoon (just my opinion).

I like adding flax seed meal and bran meal to my pancake mix. I was told it makes it healthier. I don't think it impacts the taste, at least not in a negative way. I do not use a lot of either. I get them in small bags from the grocery store. 

I added some corn meal. I bought it at a grist mill in Plymouth MA. It is a historical mill. I bought a small bag of it. Adding it gave the omelet more of a pancake look to it. 

I added a few dashes / small spoonfuls of sweet relish. I thought it would be neat to make an omelet with it. It added some nice taste to it. It was a small jar of it and I wanted to use it before it went bad (actually it was past its expiration date but still very good (at least it smelled good before adding it). 

I went a little weird and added a little bit of mayonnaise to it. I think it made it a little creamy. I think it was a store brand mayonnaise. It wasn't bad and did not have a negative impact on the flavor of the concoction. 

I added some milk to it. It was not much. It was skim milk. It is a gallon container of it. 

I cooked it on a grill on the stove top. I used a square skillet with a non-stick surface. I cooked three of them. I put shredded Parmesan cheese between the layers. It looked more like pancakes than an omelet. It smelled like quiche. 

I also grilled two hash brown patties. I put two slices of cheese on it just before removing it from the grill. It melted the cheese. I ate it with some ketchup. It was pretty good. I got the hash browns from the grocery store. They were in the frozen food section. I kept them frozen till I grilled them. 

It was a nice breakfast. I don't know what to call it besides yummy. My tastes are different from others. What I might consider good tasting might not be so with someone else. 

I had tried something like this but using a waffle maker. I forgot to spray it before putting the mix in. It did not come out so well. It stuck to the waffle cooker. It was not a pretty site but it wasn't bad tasting, just odd looking. I did not photograph it. It was the merciful thing to do. 

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